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Игровая машина для теста

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1. Food grade SS304 contact parts.

2. Independent touch screens to control extruder and flow pack machine, 7'' color touch screen.  

3. Suitable for different kinds of dough, clay, fondant, sugar paste or other soft material products.   

4. Can produce different product shapes.

5. Safety guards, which with CE standard.  

6. Controlled by dual frequency conversion, the cutting length of bag is following the length setting, saving time and film.

7. High sensitive electronic color eye tracing system. After setting, the machine is no need to adjust by hand; the cutting position is accuracy, and the seal is firm and beautiful.

8. Machine can be turned off by press button. Fault is self-diagnosed and show clearly.

9. Temperature is controlled by PID, intelligence independently and steadily, which is suitable for various packing materials.

10. Machinery design and the convey system is simple and operation is more reliable which is more convenient to maintain.